Ramadan Calendar 30 Countdown Boxes

Happy Journey

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Make every day of the blessed month of Ramadan even more special for your family. Gather around this countdown calendar and bond over great Islamic reminders every day till Eid

Customise the calendar with age-appropriate daily reminders such as Ayat of the Day, Sunnah of the Day, Good Deed of the Day or any other Ramadan activities for kids

A beautiful addition to your Ramadan decor. The colorful and festive design brings an instant cheer to your home
Beautifully GIFT PACKED. Present it to your loved ones and spread the joy of Ramadan Kareem.

Comes with link to ideas and printables that you can print, or copy down on pieces of paper and put inside the calendar drawers.

You know what children love about Ramadan? The traditions that are unique to your home, the special routine, delightful menu, the dua before iftar, the gathering of family for prayers and meals. This Ramadan calendar is the perfect addition to your family traditions.

Fill each drawer with age-appropriate items that will make your family look forward to every new day. Be it treats, Ayat of the Day, Good Deed of the Day, Sunnah of the Day, or any lesson you may want to teach your kids. Gather around this beautiful Ramadan box and keep the momentum going all the way till Eid!

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