Corner Masjid DIY Kit


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This is a DIY kit for a Corner Stand Pop-up Masjid.

Our kit comes in parts, and is a fun build for you to complete as a family.

This kit comes flat packed and will need construction, It includes:
-Dome and Minarets
-Parts needed for wall-stands
-Pre-cut windows
-Extra cardboard precut for joints

All parts are included to construct exactly shape our image shows.

Blue Mosaic pattern on our picture is not included. This was hand-painted as an example. 

You will need a glue gun/good craft glue to construct.
Heavy-duty cardboard has been used. This material has been chosen so that your masjid can last.

Full instructions provided for the DIY, along with a YouTube vid tutorial.

Height approx 150 x 60 cm wide - doorway 110cm high approx
Depth is approx 35 cm
'Doorway' is approx 40 cm wide

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