Prayers of the Pious (Hardcover)



By Omar Suleiman

Imam Ahmad was once asked, what is the distance between us and the throne of God?

A pious prayer from a pure heart, was his reply, that’s how we connect to Allah.

This book brings together the supplications of our pious predecessors such as Sayyidina Abu Bakr r.a., Abdullah ibn Mas'ud r.a., and Abd al-Rahman ibn ʿAwf r.a. By reading these supplications and understanding the context of these du'a, readers get a glimpse at how these pious ones communicated with Allah. 

The du'a are presented in Arabic, transliteration and translation. The work concludes with a du'a journal as a practical aid for readers to formulate their own du'a, in the footsteps of the pious. 

Thirty short prayers taken from the Prophet Muhammad and his pious predecessors, brought together by an American Muslim making a difference, Omar Suleiman. 


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